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How to Generate Voice from Text

How To Generate Text To Speech

First visit: audioai.space

Create an account for free and then visit our Play Ground.

Now Select the Audio Type, like human voices, music, Natural Sound, or Public Cloned Voices.

If you have selected music, then type the duration of the Music then type the prompt that best suits your music description, and then click on generate, and sometimes Your music will be generated.

If you want to Generate Natural Sound then you can click on Natural Sound and type the prompt for your sound like car honk, car door closed, dogs barking, etc.. and then click on Generate.

Now For The Text To Speech
There are two models Human Voice(Fabulinus) and Human Voice (Hermes). Both these models come with multiple speakers and gender and cloning but only Fabulinus comes with multi-lingual Support.
If you are looking for more of a Casual Speakers Fabulinus is for you and if you are looking for more of a Professional Speakers then you can also generate voices from Hermes.

In Hermes, you also get the option to choose generation time, ultra_fast, fast, standard, high-quality.
The more time it takes the more it goes through training data and tries to mimic, from its training data rather than learn from it. You can see trying out different options and understanding what suits your requirements.


why AudioAI over human voice over

Why choose Audio AI while generating Text-to-speech?
Choose Audio AI while Generating Text To Speech as Audio AI Provides the following feature. 

  1. Human Like Text To Speech:
    What is Human Like Text To Speech? Well, In Traditional Text to Speech, which we have seen on Google most of the output that we hear is always plain and normal with no emotion, there are no options for customization in tone and output for better results. But in Human Like Text To Speech, the output is similar to a real person and does not sound like a robot at all. And not to forget there are tons of customization, customization in tone, customization in emotion, etc.
  2. Multilingual Support: From English to Chinese to German to French to Hindi to Italian to Japanese to Korean to Polish to Russian to Portuguese to Spanish, you can choose from the required language for your voice.
  3. Multiple Speakers To Choose From: There are tons of different speakers to choose from. You can choose a different gender either male or female according to your requirements.
  4. Custom Voice Cloning: If you have a requirement for a custom custom voice project for your specific need then we got you covered. You just need to have 3 to 5 sample audio (better in wave format) upload it in your Google Drive or create a public URL and paste the URL in the voice cloning section, and in the next 30 to 40 minutes your custom model will be ready to use.
  5. Laugh and Cry: We the Team of Audio AI just want you to laugh and smile but in case if you want the speakers to cry or Laugh our speakers do, just type [laugh] or [laughter] wherever you want the speakers to express either at the beginning of the sentence or in between or at the end.
  6. Tons of Customization: You can do different types of customization on your final output. Customization in the custom voice of speakers or customization of the built-in speakers is possible in our Playground.
  7. Text To Music: If you want music, any type of music or background music while the speaker is speaking or saying something, we got you covered. You can describe what type of music you want and the duration of the music to be. Audio AI will generate the music for you and this music you have generated can be used anywhere without even worrying about copyright claims.
  8. Text To Sound effects: Not just Music, you can also generate the natural sound of woosh or birds chirping, waterfall, rain, car door closing, or anything that your project demands with our natural sound.
  9. Built-in Audio Mixer playground: After generating all the audio you need, you can do audio editing in our playground such as changing the position or placement of the different natural sound or sound effects generated you can reduce the volume of the music or sound effects apply fade in fade out in our built-in audio mixer.

10: Ready To use API: You can use our API and use it on your own website or App and offer it to your user. We will also assist you in implementing our API on your services.
Pricing for API depends on which plan you choose. 

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