What is Audio Advertising?

Audio advertising refers to the practice of delivering advertisements in audio format to target audiences through various platforms, such as radio, podcasts, music streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud, and other audio-based mediums.

In recent times, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of audio streaming services, making them an attractive channel for marketers to reach a highly engaged audience through audio advertising. This approach involves the automated and programmatic placement of relevant ads within the content being streamed.

One of the key advantages of audio advertising is its compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices equipped with audio streaming capabilities. This flexibility enables advertisers to reach a broad and diverse audience without the need for prior engagement. Whether listeners are tuning in on their smartphones, computers, smart speakers, or other devices, audio ads can seamlessly integrate into their listening experience.

Furthermore, audio advertising allows businesses to enhance their digital advertising strategies by delivering targeted marketing content directly to listeners during audio content playback. This precision targeting can improve outreach and increase the likelihood of achieving conversions for each audio ad played.

In summary, audio advertising leverages the growing popularity of audio streaming services to engage audiences with relevant advertisements, offering businesses an effective means of expanding their digital marketing efforts and connecting with potential customers through the power of sound.

Why Should Audio Ads Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

The worldwide music streaming business alone (including services like YT Music and Spotify), according to a study by Grand Review Research, is expected to generate $32.53 billion in revenue in 2022.

A clever audio ad during the break has the ability to draw a lot of attention to your business because the audience utilizing audio streaming services is already interested and engaged in listening to the playback.

The four main advantages of digital audio advertising for the expansion of your organization are listed below.

Expand Your Audience

According to an IFPI research, 78% of individuals listen to music using legally registered audio streaming services. That is more than 75 percent of the people that your company may reach with digital audio advertisements.

A Good Replacement for Graphics

Audio commercials may be quite helpful for persons who are too busy commuting or multitasking to have any time for visual adverts. Many individuals have their music streaming services on while at work, and by employing online audio advertising, your company may connect with this demographic.

Efficiency of Cost

Budget-wise, digital audio advertisements are less expensive than video or graphic ones. Audio advertisements allow your company to operate without even hiring voiceover actors when you take into account the text-to-speech and voiceover software that is already accessible. Comparing it to employing a full production team for video advertising, there is a significant improvement in cost effectiveness.

High rates of engagement

The ads in linear audio cannot be skipped over and don’t need much patience either. The listener patiently endures these brief 30-second audio ad campaign pieces before switching back to their music. In fact, a Nielsen Media research shows that listeners are 24% more likely to remember audio advertisements.

How to Design the Best Audio Ads for Your Audio Advertising Campaign

By using the procedures listed below, you may produce a voiceover for digital advertising that is of a high caliber.

Convincing Script Writing

Creating a script that will sell is the first step. You should take into account the following while writing an engaging screenplay for your audio advertisement:

Select the selling level of your digital audio content: soft, medium, or hard.

Choose an appropriate length for your podcast advertisements. For instance, Spotify permits commercials to run for 30 seconds.

You must now choose a tone for your commercial that will appeal to your target market.

After the tone has been established, you must include a very relevant and actionable call to action that will compel your audience to take action.

Choosing the Correct Voiceover

Your script is now complete. The next step is to choose an appropriate voice that can best reflect your brand. For instance, a young man with an interesting voice would be the best option for a gaming firm.

The following tips might help you choose the ideal voiceover for your audio advertisement:

Consider the phrase, tone, and choice of a masculine or female voice.

Consider previous audio advertisements for ideas on how to emphasize words and how to adjust the voice loudness, tone, and speech rate.

Delivering the Call to Action

A strong call to action is included in your screenplay, but if it isn’t delivered properly, it may not prompt the intended response from your audience.

The information your listeners need to do the action is included in an effective call to action, and it is stated in a style that is simple to remember. The call to action needs to be concise and simple to recall because this is an audio advertisement.

why AudioAI over human voice over

How Artificial Intelligence Voices Are Aiding the Audio Advertising Sector

There are four main ways that AI voiceover technology helps a company’s advertising department:

Reduces time

Consider how long it would take your audio advertising department to find a voice actor. It takes time to produce the ideal voiceover for your audio commercial due to the hiring process, training, abandoned recordings, mistakes, script modifications, and other factors.

The inconveniences of hiring and re-recording are completely eliminated by using AI voiceover technology. You may make as many script revisions as you’d like without having to wait for the voice actor to finish and pay your company for their time. These time savings are substantial when compared to the time required to produce an engaging audio advertisement.

Lower costs

The firm must contribute costs to the creation of any form of media, including audio and visual advertisements. You should think about paying voiceover artists while using digital audio advertising,

the team responsible for clip editing, the software investment, wastes, etc. All of these costs significantly affect the budgets for your advertising efforts.

All of it is changed by AI voiceover technology. With a vast array of AI voices at your disposal, you can avoid paying artists’ fees. Furthermore, you have access to editing tools that lighten the workload for the editing teams.

Dissolves linguistic barriers

Your company may convert the input text into a new language and output it as speech thanks to AI voiceover technology. It may sound complicated, but it is really quite useful.

No longer is it necessary to record your audio advertisement in many languages and employ translators. AI voiceover technology can properly convert the same content into the languages of your choosing, in your preferred vocal tones. That’s how easy it is.

Consistency in Voiceover Quality

You may standardize a group of AI voices using AI voiceover technology to promote particular goods or services. You may establish “cohorts” that apply to all of an industry’s commercials, giving the brand voice coherence.

Compared to the unpredictability of human voiceover actors, this is a significant improvement. You could have to find a stand-in and make a compromise, for instance, if an artist has an illness and changes his voice. With AI voices, such circumstances may be entirely avoided.

Why Audio AI is the Solution to Your Needs for Audio Ads?

What then sets Audio AI apart from the competition?

Text-to-speech, voice cloning, voiceovers for videos, voice changers, and APIs are some of the services available on our platform. You may generate sounds any way you like with the help of Sounds AI’s enormous library of more than 120 voices in 20 different languages from across the world.

Using the Studio, which lets you upload your creative assets and add voiceovers in the AI voice of your choosing, you can easily create audio commercials.

Key Features of Audio AIĀ 

Audio AI offers a range of features to enhance your audio output:

Laughter: Audio AI provides you with the ability to add laughter to your text-to-audio conversions. You can adjust the laughter intensity to suit your preferences.

Speech Rate With the “Aah” feature, Audio AI allows you to control the speech rate of the selected AI voice. You can set it to normal (1x), slower (0.5x), faster (1.5x), or very fast (2x) to match your desired pace.

Natural Pauses Audio AI lets you insert natural-sounding pauses in your audio with the “Umm” feature. This helps make the narration sound more authentic and human-like.

Intonation and Emphasis

You may also experiment with word emphasis using the Emphasis tool, where the AI voice underlines the selected text for greater intensity, to ensure that you receive natural-sounding audio output.

Choice of Voice

The ability to choose from a variety of voices enables you to convey the idea as effectively as possible. Both male and female voices with various accents are available.

Sector-Specific Speaks

Murf’s voice library is divided into voices for different industries, enabling you to convey your message in a more appropriate and effective manner by choosing sounds that are representative of the nature of the sector.

In conclusion

With the development of technology, it is now feasible to promote to your target demographic more precisely and with greater results.

An audience that is already listening and paying attention to audio commercials is a great method to increase brand awareness. Audio ads not only help you save a lot on advertising costs but also produce more warm leads. With the powers of Audio AI added on top of that, your company can fully unleash the potential of audio ads.


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