How much Money did Stable Diffusion COST to Train

 Stable Diffusion is an AI model that's making waves right now. It's an open-source machine learning model that allows you to generate images from text for free ridiculously well. But do you know how much it costs? According to one of the engineers who works at...

How you can utilize AI Voiceover Technology to Make Great Audio Ads

What is Audio Advertising? Audio advertising refers to the practice of delivering advertisements in audio format to target audiences through various platforms, such as radio, podcasts, music streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud, and other audio-based...

Understanding the Potential of Text-to-Speech Machines

Innovation in the field of technology is limitless. The creation of voice generators, which bridge the gap between written text and speech that sounds amazingly human, is one ground-breaking discovery that has attracted attention. The capacity to turn text into a...

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Mol from Human Voice (hermes)

Our Speakers Spoke about how did Gaza and the West Bank came under Israeli occpuation.

Benjamin and Emma from Human Voice (fabulinus)

Funny conversation among our speakers, Benjamin and Emma from Human Voice (fabulinus)

Speaker from Audio AI

Lyrebird can mimic almost aby sound that it hears in it’s environment.

Mol from Human Voice (hermes)

Our speaker reciting the very famous poem by Robert Frost 
“The Road Not Taken”


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